Love song for a fanfiction notebook

So here I was, thinking that my beloved Stationery Product of Honor had been missing for nearly five months now, and I was never going to marshal the will to rewrite the things that I had written in it, so I might as well just release my damn Ike and Elincia project that's been in progress well over a year now into the wilds of the internet, because there are 14/20 parts finished and I wouldn't really want all that work to languish on my computer forever. But I decided it was worth one last look around my house for my notebook, because damn it, I miss that thing way too much.

And lo!

It was found!

I cannot express how much this has eased my spirit, particularly the part of it that measures my personal worth based on the tiny amount of fanfiction I manage to share with other people. I would celebrate by sharing the thing that I was writing at the time I lost it, but honestly I don't think there's much of an audience outside of me for weird, discombobulated 100yearsinthefuture Soren/Micaiah that's actually more like Soren/Ike and Micaiah/Daein (with a side of Micaiah/some-guy-who's-probably-either-Pelleas-or-Sothe-maybe-both) and there's kind of sex in it, which is weird because I wrote it and I'm usually too shy and virginal to mention things like that, but mostly there's angst and mind-reading - but you know what, I can read it now, along with all the other strange things I have dreamed up in the pages of this duct-taped, unidentified rodent-eaten book, and that is what matters.
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I just want this to be known:

I voted against Scott Brown.

(Otherwise, my life tends to busy-ish between work, Japanese class, and worrying about my college applications. Sorry LJ.)
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Hi October

I completely failed to notice that it was October already. Wow. I even missed my own birthday post. That was an exciting month spent photocopying things, playing Persona 3 and going to MIT Go Club once a week. Michael and I really should try to interact with other people at the club for a change, but we're both shy, so we just end up playing each other. He always wins, too, which gets frustrating.

Also I LOST THE STATIONERY PRODUCT OF HONOR. That would be the notebook I've used for all my writing since...years ago (I don't post much writing here, but I write a lot). I feel lost without it. It's irreplaceable. If someone found it and hasn't sent it to me (my name and address are inside it, damn it), I hate that person. If it's somewhere in my house I can't give up hope.

I've got a meeting with the college counselor at my high school today. I guess I actually have to start on the whole application business...

You know, I'm overdue for a post about the awesomeness of BlazBlue.
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My continued existence

Holy crap it's been a while since I was on LJ. I'm so distractable, I see something that sounds fun and devote all my time to that and forget about whatever I was doing. For example, I was watching Code Geass and writing up a liveblog of it on the TV Tropes forum, but then I used my graduation money to get myself a PS3 and got into BlazBlue and finally playing Shin Megami Tensei games (Persona 3 is so addictive it should be illegal).

On top of that I have a job now, which is new for me. I'm working at my dad's company doing organizational stuff, but it's something. Which takes a lot of time. I want to get work at the public library but our branch won't be opening until November. And then in October I'm starting Japanese classes. I'm so glad I decided not to go to college this year.

If anyone's looking for a good science fiction novel, I highly recommend that you check out Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan series. The plots have had me literally falling out of my chair laughing in amazement at the fantastic schemes the characters can pull off. Like forming a mercenary band mostly by accident, for a start. Plus there's plenty of interesting stuff with genetics, gender roles, and space government.

Also, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is a pretty fun show, but I think most of you know that. Tales of the Abyss has a shocking good anime adaption as it turns out. It actually makes more sense than the game at times.

You know, I really shouldn't have taken the one fact = one fic approach to 20_wars, considering my usual fic-writing pace of one a year. The result is that I've been working on this thing for about a year and still haven't finished.
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Brief message

I really should make a longer post considering how long I've been off, discussing my graduating, psychology project on Persona 4, D&D game, most of Gurren Lagann and a lot of the Tales of series, but I have to leave to drive across the country for two weeks early this morning.

So that will be later.
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I think I did this meme once long ago, but it can't hurt to do it again.

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

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I've finished Harvey, my last high school play. It's a sad thing, I don't really know how I'll get to act once I'm not in school, no matter how I love it.

On a fandom front, I'm still watching Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann with Michael and Prince of Tennis with Alex. I tried reading the manga for Prince of Tennis, but I found it lost a lot of its amusement value without the way they animate things to attempt to make tennis visually exciting. We're through the first 24 episodes, and it remains hilariously ridiculous. As for TTGL, it's awesome. I love Simon and Nia so much.

I beat Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and have become a heretic, because I actually liked it more than the original game. The monster-training system is so fun, and it has all the great characterization. Emil, Richter, Alice, Decus, they're all good characters, and the returning Symphonia cast is awesome as always. Fully voice-acted skits are a joy. Its only drawback is Marta and Marta/Emil which I find quite horrifying. Apparently it's supposed to be not horribly creepy when the girl suddenly declares Emil her knight in shining armor, acts incredibly possessive, tries to make him into her image of what her should be rather than actually knowing him, won't talk about anything other than her desire to marry him and how ~romantic~ things are. Emil's side of the relationship seems to be based on the fact that she's a girl and talks to him. She has essentially no characterization beyond this. Hopefully people understand that I'm not someone who bashes female leads generally, so when I say that the game would be greatly improved by leaving Marta out entirely, I'm talking about how repugnant this particular character is to me. Why go from Colette (I love you Colette, how I love you) to this, Symphonia? I'm never going to get the "good" ending, that's for certain.
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My Lancer and I are still nuts/This Entry is Random

Whose idea was it to let me and Michael loose on anything? Take, say, a Radiant Dawn FMV.

Me: I'm sorry, Ike's voice actor, but...not, wait, I'm not sorry for him. I'm sorry Ike, you are clearly voiced by someone not as awesome as you are.
Michael: Well, that would impossible. He's Ike, no one is as awesome as him. Except maybe Pi-face...Pi-face should have voiced Ike.
Me: ...I can actually imagine Ike with Pi-face's voice.
Michael: I'm trying to imagine Ike saying the kinds of things Pi-face says.
Me: Oh god.

We've also determined that everything in Gurren Lagann is some kind of sexual symbol, Keisuke from Persona 3 is attracted to bad voice-acting and therefore would dig Baten Kaitos in totally the wrong way (on the other hand, you can go to Candyland in Baten Kaitos, so it's awesome), I haven't gotten him to watch enough of Utena yet to form something weird about it, but this is inevitable, and we are divided on Tales heroines: we would like to declare eternal love to Tear and Colette, but Marta is horrifying.
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Fire Emblem Fic - Her Means

Title: Her Means
Fandom: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Characters: Micaiah, Sothe
Word Count: 483
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Radiant Dawn belongs to Nintendo and Intelligent Systems, neither of which is me.
A/N: Written for fe_drabble Challenge 14 - "One's country ought to be defended, whether with shame or glory, by whatever means possible."

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The results of a Hacker Club Meeting

This is why I am a member of the computer club.

(Things referenced on this board: Persona 3, Earthbound, Pokémon, I Wanna Be The Guy, a stroke awareness sign from the subway, Prince of Tennis, Fire Emblem 5, Mother 3, Fire Emblem 9, Final Fantasy VII, some game written by our members in middle school, Final Fantasy IV, Tales of something or other, Japanese fanfic via Google translate, Portal, Pheonix Wright, and some other things I didn't recognize.)

(My friends and I are sort of nuts.)

blah blah Fire Emblem blah

We're coming on tech week...but thankfully I've been able to do my work during free periods at school, so I shouldn't get behind and should be able to continue sparing time for games.

Beat Tales of Symphonia (Mithos, you're adorable), still playing Shadow Dragon (at first I though Excaliber was silly tome for a mage to start with, but then it turned out to not be a heavy, high-level tome like it is in other games - there were just fast horsemen around), got frustrated with the lack of characterization in SD and went to play PoR on Hard Mode. I miss the tutorial-ish bits of dialogue from normal mode - Ike's advantage over Boyd and keeping squishy mages in the back, etc. "Yar! ...Yar? ...Yar." Is still probably the best line of dialogue ever. I also like how the boss in that chapter calls Ike "lassie." I suspect someone got their pirate-speak mixed up. I'm actually going to have Marcia, for a change (heh, nice flirting, there, Marcia). PoR is really unusually easy for a Fire Emblem game...thus far my biggest problem is that Soren's Wind tome is going to break before I can get him another weapon. I don't think the game understands that forty attacks for four chapters is not enough.

Now I should go edit pictures for my mother.